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           We are excited to launch this non-profit organization geared toward sharpening and encouraging tomorrows leaders. We, as an organization, hope to be a positive force in the River Valley Community. I am originally from New Orleans, Louisiana,  but don’t see myself leaving this beautiful state anytime soon. That being said, I have decided to initiate my “settling in” by bringing the dream of starting this organization to life. As a physician in the area, I have had the opportunity to come face to face with the pediatric population in the Fort Smith area. Through various interviews with some of my pediatric patients, I have acquired the burden of mentoring the underrepresented and social-economically challenged population in the Arkansas River Valley. Before launching this site and social media avenues, a few friends and family questioned the logic behind targeting high school juniors as opposed to high school seniors. My vision is to be able to award scholars during their junior year and have the opportunity to mentor them during their senior year. I consider the award of this scholarship a small and temporary contribution.  Mentoring, encouraging, and nourishing these prospective scholars will cultivate the rest of their lives. I hope to have the support of the River Valley and NWA Community through volunteering, donating, prayers, and any other way that may benefit our future leaders. 


Larry Tyran Robins, MD

President of RSF

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